How to fine-tune a picture light 250 miles away

We’ve often commented on how often people tell us they really don’t want to turn their lights on and off from the beach. It’s become a “smart home” cliche, along with the home cinema scenario where you press “Watch Movies” and the projector turns on, the lights dim and the screen comes down.  People get the home cinema example but they really push back on fancy dan lighting systems that allow control from the other side of the world.  We tend to agree; there are many more compelling reasons to use a lighting control system such as energy-efficiency, better dimming and security.  However a really mundane example of remote management today brought it home to me just mainstream and useful this technology can be.

Dramatic evening lighting in this glazed linkA client of ours has not long completed a stunning barn.  We’ve been involved with the project for a couple of years and commissioned and fine-tuned the lighting and control system earlier this year.  Things evolve.  Our clients brought some picture lights with them and being halogen they’ve failed and been replaced with LED.  LED replacement lamps aren’t always the most predictable things to dim and at low levels they can flicker.  A picture light set to a very low level in a “dramatic” evening scene has been flickering as the output was tuned for halogen.  Historically that might have meant a service call with the inconvenience and cost that entails.  Now with an iPad, a smart app and decent networking it’s a five minute task; edit the scene, fine tune the picture lights and take the lowest setting up to 30%, save… Job done.

As I say it’s a mundane example but that’s the beauty of it.  It’s a practical use of clever technology helping make things that were complex simple.  Brilliant.  If you want to know more about Lighting Control Systems have a look at the overview on our main lighting site –


Iain Shaw
Founder partner at Brilliant Lighting responsible for Marketing, PR and IT. When I’m not writing about lighting, design and technology I love horseracing, cricket and cooking.

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