About Us

Brilliant Living and Brilliant Lighting was a partnership founded by Melanie and Iain Shaw in 2005 to provide smart home and lighting design services.  We closed the smart home side of the business in 2013 to focus on the growth of the lighting business. Brilliant Lighting Limited was incorporated in August 2016 and our website is at www.brilliantlighting.co.uk

The Brilliant Living website was our primary website for a number of years and although we no longer offer wider smart home services we’re still heavily involved in the sector.  This site is maintained as an information resource and industry blog. Lighting Control is seen as a key component in most home automation systems and we think it’s important to keep abreast of developments in the wider market.  While we don’t provide wider technology services, we do work alongside home automation and smart home companies to deliver complete smart home solutions.

CEDIA 2015 Best Lighting Scheme WINNERWe’re still member of CEDIA, the Custom Electronic and Installation Association and we’re proud to have won our first CEDIA award for Best Lighting Scheme in 2015.