CEDIA – A Trade Association for the Smart Home Industry

CEDIA 2015 Best Lighting Scheme WINNERCEDIA is a trade association for the Smart Home Industry.  CEDIA is short for Custom Electronic Design and Installation Assocation and brings together design and installation specialists and manufacturers to promote education, best practice and awareness of the industry.  CEDIA members’ scope differs across companies but the industry as a whole incorporates Data, Networking & Communications, Audio, Video, Home Cinema, Lighting Control, Security & Access Control and Heating.

Brilliant has been a member of CEDIA since 2010 and while our total focus is now on lighting we remain CEDIA members.  We understand many people want intelligent lighting systems as part of an overall “Smart Home” package.  We’re equally passionate about making sure quality of the light and the design is the priority in any lighting scheme.   Smart controls might make lighting more efficient, they might make it easier to dim, they might (and certainly this isn’t always true) make it easier to use but they can not make it truly magical on its own.  We’re delighted to work alongside equally passionate CEDIA members to deliver homes and lighting schemes our clients love and we feel proud of.  We’re particularly proud of winning our first CEDIA award for “Best Lighting Scheme” in the 2015 CEDIA Awards.

Useful Information

CEDIA – the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association

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