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A little boy looks on in disbelief

Why do some lighting control systems seem so disappointing?

Edmund Blackadder, Lighting Designer In the “Amy and Amiability” episode of Blackadder III, Edmund and Baldrick are discussing how to marry off the “unbelievably thick and gittish” Prince George. Blackadder: Well there’s Grand Duchess...

Barn Lighting

How to fine-tune a picture light 250 miles away

We’ve often commented on how often people tell us they really don’t want to turn their lights on and off from the beach. It’s become a “smart home” cliche, along with the home cinema...

Lutron Home+ on the Apple Watch

Lutron Home+ App adds Apple Watch Support

The Lutron Home+ App for iOS has added Apple Watch support. It’s one of the slew of home automation apps that launched with Apple’s watch and it’s even featured in one of the Apple...