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Multiroom Video

Read more..."I'd like Sky HD available to all TVs in the house"

"I'd like a central strore for all DVDs"

"I want to be able to bring up my CCTV on any screen"

"I just want the screen on the wall, no clutter, no wires, one remote..."

These are some of the most  repeated requests we get when our clients our describing what they want from their TVs and video systems.   Multiroom video is a straightforward concept to picture.  We take all the sources that you might typically find under TV like  a Sky Box or a Blu-ray player and place them in a central rack where they can be accessed and controlled from any TV location.  We'll make sure there's a Freeview feed available to each TV if Freeview is available at the site.  We frequently add media servers like the Kaleidescape System which makes it possible to store and playback DVDs from a central server.  If there is a CCTV system in the house we'll add that to the system as well meaning that any TV screen can quickly flick to the CCTV system to give you peace of mind.

Making these sources available is one part of the mix; the next to consider is the question of control.  It's not a great deal of fun having to deal with a handful of remotes and the more sources you add the more there is the potential for remote control confusion.  We use either smart programmable remotes or touchpanels to replace the myriad of remote controls that you might historically have had.  So there is one control that will turn the TV on, set it to the right input, control the Sky, Virgin or Freesat box and start the movie playing.

So multiroom video is convenient, neat and fun but what about quality?  High Definition is everywhere; on Sky, on Freesat, on Freeview, on Blu-ray.  Multiroom video does not mean compromising on quality.  All our multiroom video systems will take these sources and distribute high definition images to any screen on the system.

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