Featured Project

Yorkshire Country House kitchen featuring Lutron Homeworks

This recently completed project in Yorkshire features Lighting and Interior design by Brilliant.

It's a beautiful example of our design and technology disciplines coming together to help our clients create something very special.

3As with our lighting and technology disciplines, our starting point is the architecture, how the space is going to be used and the overall look and feel that the client is trying to achieve. We don’t have a ‘house style’ which we force on clients, and our projects range from very traditional schemes to edgy modern ones.

People often think of interior design as being the curtains and cushions at the end of a project. Whilst these finishing touches are very important ideally the design process starts much much earlier. Good spatial planning builds the framework on which everything else rests; developing the details around furniture, flow through a room, focal points etc may prompt (for example) doorways to be moved slightly or even room usage to be changed.

These sorts of decisions are best looked at right at the start of the project well before the house shell is built and electrical or mechanical first fix start.

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