Wireless Networks - Draytek routerWireless networks have become commonplace in the home. Laptops, netbooks,  printers and mobile phones & iPods all connect to the network.  And since your broadband service provider probably includes a wireless router as part of the package, it's easy to forget about wireless networks.

Thankfully the days when wireless networking equipment shipped with its security options turned off are long gone.  Creating a secure wireless connection for your PC or Mac is simple and range and speeds have improved.  Wireless networking has come of age.

Honme Automation places different stresses on domestic wireless networks.  In larger houses it's common for there to be multiple Wireless Access Points and a wireless panel like the AMX 5200i has to switch between those Wireless Access Points quickly and without fuss.  While it might not be particularly noticeable if an email is slow to start downloading or there is a pause in a web page loading, it's noticeable and inconvenient if the volume control for your home cimema doesn't respond instantly.

Brilliant uses a mixture of wired and wireless networking technology with projects featuring a wired gigabit backbone.  We conduct a wireless survey to determine the optimum number and location of Wireless Access Points and we use commercial grade wireless networking products to give us the level of control missing in a lot of off the shelf domestic products.