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The Brilliant Home Cinema Design Guide contains an overview of the elements that go into our Home Cinema Designs, a complete set of our Home Cinema Packages from Bronze through to Reference and an overview of Brilliant's other services in Lighting and Interior Design.

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Brilliant use a variety of 3D displays with Home Cinema Projectors from Epson, Sim2 and Digital Projection and the stunning 3D LED TVs from Samsung.

Anamorphic Projection

Anamorphic Projection

Introduction to Anamorphic Projection for a real Cinema at Home experience

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Read more...The demonstration Home Cinema in our showroom in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, has just had a radical redesign. Along with our newly revamped Interior Design studio, the Home Cinema room has had a technical and visual makeover.

The brief to our Interior Design team was on two levels. Firstly we wanted a fabulous room that could showcase their talents but we wanted performance improvements as well. This is where the integration of interior design, lighting design and home cinema design come together to deliver spectacular results.

The finished room is a lush, welcoming and intimate Home Cinema. Careful choice of fabrics, furniture and wall treatments have improved the acoustics considerably and the glorious, dark purple wallpaper and acoustically transparent front wall accentuate the performance of the new Digital Projection Titan projector.  The screen is a 2.35:1 acoustically transparent Screen Research screen which recesses into the ceiling when not in use.

The Cinema is still home to two distinct audio systems. Artcoustic speakers combine great aesthetics with performance whilst the Genelec / Lexicon / Audyssey combination delivers a stunning audio setup which our designers have discretely built into the fabric of the room.

The sources for the room include Sky+ HD, Blu-ray and the Kaleidescape System. In integrating these our programmers have excelled themselves as well. Using the flexibility of both the AMX and Lutron control systems, the system is finely tuned, offering subtly different lighting for entering the room, watching trailers or sitting down to the main feature.


Read more...This super cinema room in North Yorkshire fulfills two roles. It has to be a high performance cinema and also cater for our our clients' demanding two channel audio requirements.

The room has been designed to deliver performance in a discreet way. The front screen wall uses our flush mounting technique where a trio of Genelec HT315s and a pair of HTS4 sub-woofers are mounted into a rigid frame structure packed with dense acoustic foam. The whole wall is isolated from the ceiling and floor joists and covered with an acoustically transparent fabric.

The audio system features Lexicon's MV5 processor with additional room equalisation from Audyssey. Sources include a Denon 3800 Blu-ray player, a Toshiba HD-DVD player, SkyHD, a Copland CD player and a Linn LP12.

The projector is a Sim2 C3X 1080p model and it is projected onto a masked 2.35:1 Screen Research screen. An ISCO III lens on a powered sled handles anamorphic projection duties.

Lighting control from Rako is used to accent the dramatic lighting scheme which features beautiful blue Cold Cathode lighting and overall control of the room is available through a single RTI T2C remote communicating with all the sub-systems via an AMX processor


Read more...This dedicated Cinema Room in North London combines a stunning interior design courtesy of Andrew Wright with Brilliant's lighting and cinema design.  The end result is a comfortable large, family cinema room with great sound and vision. It's a fantastic venue for watching movies and sport.

The curved ceiling and dramatic cold cathode cove lighting provide a brilliant backdrop to the fixed 120" SMX acoustically transparent screen behind which lies an array of spectacular Triad Gold speakers.

Sources include Sky+ HD, Sony Blu-ray and an Imerge MS500 Media server. The Projector is a 1080p Sim2.

Lighting control is via the Lutron Homeworks system that controls lighting across the whole house

Overall system control in the room is via a wireless AMX 5200i panel.


Read more...This high performance cinema in the Yorkshire Dales also doubles as a comfortable TV lounge for everyday watching and chilling out. To achieve this dual personality, Brilliant has hidden all elements of the Cinema away when not in use.

The viewing wall has a 60" Pioneer plasma for everyday viewing but also features a high end speaker setup concealed behind a stretched fabric wall.

To deliver the level of performance required by the brief we have used Genelec HT315b and HT320 models which offer amazing dynamics and power. When the cinema is being used, a 130" 2.35:1 acoustically transparent screen drops down in front of the plasma

The Projector (A Sim2 HT500) sits in a separate projection area. When the Cinema is not being used, the projector is concealed behind a work of art mounted on a Future Automation picture lift.

One wall of the room is largely glass with double glass doors and floor to ceiling windows either side. Despite this we are able to achieve excellent blackout levels with Lutron Sivoia blinds. Sources include Sky+ HD, Sony PS3 and Kaleidescape. Overall room control is done with AMX.




This cinema was designed as a dual purpose room, the clients' son was a member of a band therefore the room was designed and acoustically treated to allow it to function both as a great family cinema room and as a rehearsal room for the clients son’s band.

The cinema converted from a stone built outbuilding was designed to ensure the viewing and listening angles were optimised for the seating area. The speaker array features Genelec 208B active monitors. These were built into an acoustically designed front wall packed with acoustic foam. The acoustic design combined with the solidity of the building gives very high levels of performance. 

The finished front audio wall was then covered with an acoustically transparent stretched fabric ahead of artwork being hung on the wall.

Lighting control is via Rako and the whole room (and the external lighting leading back to the main house) are controlled by a single RTI T2C

This project shows any sized room or building whether it is a garage, outbuilding or barn can make a fabulous Home Cinema.