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Brilliant Home Cinema Guide - Downloadable PDF
The Brilliant Home Cinema Design Guide contains an overview of the elements that go into our Home Cinema Designs, a complete set of our Home Cinema Packages from Bronze through to Reference and an overview of Brilliant's other services in Lighting and Interior Design.

Anamorphic Projection

Anamorphic Projection

Introduction to Anamorphic Projection for a real Cinema at Home experience

The elements of a Brilliant Home Cinema Design

QUALITY design sits at the heart of all our Home Cinemas.  We do Audio / Video designs for each of the Cinema projects we work on.  This technical design means that equipment choice, screen size, seating position, speaker and projector location are all optimised to produce a Cinema that confirms to Internationally recognised standards for performance.  As a leading lighting and interiors firm we can design, construct, furnish and light the complete space beautifully and where audio performance is paramount we offer a full acoustic design service.

CAD Plans for Home Cinema DesignAudio Video Design
The Audio / Video design lays out the fundamentals of the Home Cinema.  We start with the basics: How do you want the room to work?  How many people do you want to seat?  From there we move to a detailed design that gives the best possible results from the space you have, accommodating any features or design requests.

This technical design provides the necessary elements to cable and equip your Home Cinema and includes the full technical specification, CAD Plans including Plan view and Screen Wall Elevations, wiring plans and cable schedules.


Lighting Design for Cinema - CAD Plan ViewLighting Design
Brilliant are one of the leading Residential Lighting Design companies in the UK - finalists in the Residential category of the prestigious "Lighting" Design Awards in 2011.

Good lighting can add a new dimension to your Home Cinema and we integrate lighting into the fabric of the space creating drama, making the most of the architecture whether that be stairs, domed ceilings, pillars etc.  With access to the world's finest lighting manufacturers, many of which are not available through retail channels, we design with a wide pallette of lighting types including colour changing LED, beautiful Cold Cathode and Fibre Optic.


Mood Board - Home Cinema DesignInterior Design
We can offer a complete interior design service for any of the Home Cinemas we design.  Seating position, screen size and location are determined as part of the Audio / Video design and our Interior Design team can take these fundamentals and transform the space into a truly stunning bespoke Home Cinema. 

We can provide advice on all elements of the interior: Colour, Furnishings, Fabrics and Carpets but much more than that we can provide design advice on how best to use the overall space.  Because our team has many years of construction experience we can produce overall room schemes that fundamentally shape the space with multi-tiered seating, domed ceilings, false pillars concealing the speakers, starfields etc. and as our Interior Designers work as part of the overall team we can be confident that the design elements will enhance rather than conflict with the Audio / Video performance of the room.  


Acoustic Design Graphic - Illustrative onlyAcoustic Design
The room itself has one of the largest impacts on the audio performance of any Home Cinema.   Even the most exotic electronic equipment can be improved by acoustically treating the room in which it’s deployed.  We work with specialist acoustic material suppliers to design the ideal treatment for any room to optimise the acoustic performance of the space

A corrected acoustical environment will eliminate distracting noises and allow the articulation and intelligibility of the movie sound track to be clean, crisp, and balanced.  Acoustic Design is a standard element of our Platinum and Reference Home Cinema packages and we can do acoustic design for any Home Cinema space where the ultimate audio performance is paramount.


Home Cinema - 3D Render, top down view3D Visualisation
Visualising exactly how your Home Cinema is going to look is a great boon.  Our visualisations allow you to see how the space is going to look; how the design elements are going to come together to create a fabulous room.

The visualisations on this page take the audio / video design, the interior design and the lighting design elements for our sample cinema and pull them together to help bring the space to life.  3D visualisation is a standard element in our Platinum and Reference Home Cinema packages and is available as an option in any of our Home Cinema projects. 


Design Package 1

Features the elements needed to produce a superb, standards compliant Home Cinema

  • Audio / Video Design and Technical Specification
  • CAD Plans inc. Plan and Front Wall Elevations
  • Wiring Schedule


Design Package 2

Features the elements needed to produce a superb, standards compliant Home Cinema with full CAD plans and Elevations.

  • Audio / Video Design
  • Full CAD Plans inc. Plan and All Wall Elevations
    Wiring Schedule


Design Package 3

Brings together all elements of our Cinema Design expertise to deliver the ultimate in Home Cinema including Acoustic Design and 3D visualisations of the finished room.

Audio / Video Design
Full CAD Plans inc. Plan and All Wall Elevations
Lighting Design
3D Visualisations
Wiring Schedule
Full Acoustic Design


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