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Brilliant Home Cinema Guide - Downloadable PDF
The Brilliant Home Cinema Design Guide contains an overview of the elements that go into our Home Cinema Designs, a complete set of our Home Cinema Packages from Bronze through to Reference and an overview of Brilliant's other services in Lighting and Interior Design.

Home Cinema Case Studies

3D Home Cinema


Brilliant use a variety of 3D displays with Home Cinema Projectors from Epson, Sim2 and Digital Projection and the stunning 3D LED TVs from Samsung.

Anamorphic Projection

Anamorphic Projection

Introduction to Anamorphic Projection for a real Cinema at Home experience

Cinema - Looking back towards the Sim2 projectorOur startpoint for Home Cinema design is to listen carefully to what our clients want to do.  What people want from their home cinema varies a lot.

We get briefs asking us to create comfortable family rooms that double up as cinemas, gaming rooms or cinema roms that will deliver performance that equals or betters that in a commercial cinema.  Each request requires a different approach but the fundamentals remain fairly consistent.  A good Home Cinema has to feature great pictures, immersive audio and most importantly it's got to be easy to use.  We believe any of our home cinemas should be controllable with a single remote control or touchscreen. Audio, Video, Satellite DVD & Blu-ray and Lighting should all be brought together in one simple to use interface.

With a brief from our clients we'll start at looking at the basic building blocks of the room.  Dimensions and the construction techniques used to build the room have a direct impact on performance.  Wall construction and room shape and size impact on the audio characteristics of the room.  A bit of forward planning and design will identify potential problem areas and give a much better final result.

CAD Plan - North Yorkshire Moors CinemaWe design to internationally recognised standards to give the best sound and vision for your room and our lighting and interior designers work with the technical team to give a room that looks and works as well as it sounds.  Performance criteria aren't limited to the basic characteristics of the room.  Colours, fabrics, floor coverings all play a part in creating the optimum cinema experience.

Our own home cinema in our showrooms in Thirsk, North Yorkshire was redesigned in 2009.  The brief to the Interior design team was to give us an interior that looked spectacular while enhancing the performance of the room.  The room is finished in layers of rich purples, with a beautiful bespoke sofa.  Reflections - both of light and sound - are minimised by positioning, choice of fabrics, wall covering and furniture.

Brilliant Home Cinema - Lights UpThe Digital Projection Titan projector is concealed in a separate projection area, the powered Anamorphic ScreenResearch screen in a ceiling box and the front Genelec speakers and sub-woofers behind an acoustically transparent stretched fabric wall.   The result is spectacular.

CEDIA - Custom Electronic Design and Installation AssociationIf you'd like a demonstration and a chance to discuss your own dream Home Cinema, give us a call on 01845 525664.  Remember, Brilliant designs and installs Home Cinemas from the entry level right up to the best-in-class reference Home Cinema rooms.  Click here for more details and pricing on our Bronze, Silver and Gold Home Cinema ranges

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