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North London Cinema

North London Cinema featuring ADA Audio Processing, Triad Speakers and a Sim2 Projector

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ADA - High Performance Audio Video processors and amplifiers


The Suite 7.1 HD is ADA's brand new home cinema controller/preamplifier featuring 8 HDMI inputs in addition to four analog audio and 8 digital audio inputs (6 coaxial & 2 optical).

You can connect up to twenty components to the amazingly small (only 1 rack-unit tall) Suite 7.1 HD. But don't let its size fool you. The Suite 7.1 HD is the most sophisticated ADA home cinema preamplifier to date, incorporating the latest Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Audio Master and Multi-Channel PCM decoding capabilities. These lossless uncompressed formats on high-definition Blu-ray DVDs sound amazing when listened to on the Suite 7.1 HD. Just as HD video is noticeably better than regular DVD, high-resolution audio is dramatically better than regular 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.

Read more...From film to TV series to concerts, everything looks and most important, sounds better on Blu-ray and the Suite 7.1 HD. Naturally, the Suite 7.1 HD also features decoding of the standard Dolby, DTS and THX formats as well as several proprietary modes for music and TV.

From a technical standpoint, the Suite 7.1 HD features HDMI equalization per input and output to compensate for HDMI cable type and length. It also features a multi-band parametric equalizer per channel as well as other features only available from ADA. The Suite 7.1 HD has become our cinema processor of choice in our high end home cinemas.



The PTM-8150 entered ADA's line-up along with the latest in home theatre advancements that included among other features, extended surround - the use of an additional speaker or speaker pair for back-surround. The PTM-8150, much like the PTM-6150 is an all MOSFET design implementing four double-stacked output transistors per channel (8 output devices per channel).

The PTM-8150 will flawlessly drive the most demanding home theatre speakers with its all-current power drive. In a 7.1 speaker system, the eighth channel can be used to drive passive subwoofers. For those looking for special sound in a multi-room system, the PTM-8150 can also be used to provide superior sound to four independent zones.




The PTM-1645 is often referred to as the "work horse" when it comes to multiroom sound. While other sixteen channel power amplifiers exist in the industry, none of them come close to the PTM-1645 with respect to performance, size and value.

First and foremost, the PTM-1645 sounds amazing and is one of the main reasons ADA sits atop of the industry when it comes to multiroom sound. Able to drive eight independent zones, the PTM-1645 is also stable down to 2 Ohms - making it capable of driving four pair of 8 Ohm speakers per zone. Better yet, when adding a pair of speakers to a zone (2 pair of 8 Ohm speakers), instead of sharing power between the two pairs, the PTM-1645 nearly doubles its output.

The PTM-1645 also occupies only two rack spaces (3.5 inches in height) and because it is force-air cooled from side to side, it is specifically designed to be installed in very tightly packed racks. As for value, the PTM-1645 is built like a tank and designed to outlast other electronics out there.